How To Pick A Ukrainian Bride

Many men who hear stories about hot beautiful Ukrainian women usually desire to date and romance these women. However, these men who are like members of an exclusive club are unable to do so because they are either concerned about what other people might think or say about them or are generally worried for themselves.

beautiful ukrainian bride on a garden

But if you are one of those men who are speculating as to how to pick a Ukrainian bride, take a look at some of these simple guidelines listed below in this guide.

sending an initial email

1. Her Initial Email

If you are planning to choose a Ukrainian bride, it is important that you know that her primary or initial email given to you will not be her very personal email. The fact that a typical Russian or Ukrainian bride is sought by many men from all around the world, these brides usually receive nearly hundred or more emails in the first week alone.

In fact, if the Ukrainian bride is young and beautiful, she may receive nearly twice the amount of these emails. Thus, even you one of those men who have spent more than an hour pouring your life in your first email, do not expect that you will receive a similar response from the other side on the first go.

This is almost similar to the fact that you too are probably selecting some ladies until you have decided whom you would perhaps correspond more privately later on.

However, it is considered a good sign if you happen to receive a reply from her. It usually means that you have been noticed from the among the dozens of emails and you can start expecting more private emails gradually as you get to know her more personally.

the break up

2. The Break-up

When dating online, many men get upset and disturbed when a woman suddenly stops replying and disappears in spite of all being well between the two of them. However, it is important to understand that all these things are considered normal procedure of online dating.

The fact is that she has perhaps narrowed down her selected list of men and you have probably come close to one or two others that have been chosen. In such a situation, it is important to understand that there is nothing to worry about as she has done nothing wrong or incorrect. It is just that she does not wish to directly reveal that you are not her type, thereby making it less complicated for her to break all contact.

However, it is highly recommended that you do not feel miserable or depressed by the break up and keep trying until you get your perfect woman. Online dating is quite similar to normal dating where one cannot expect to find the perfect match with the very first women you happen to meet. Thus, the key to success in both types of dating is to keep trying consistently until you succeed in finding your perfect mate.

russian girl profile photo

3. Profile Photos

Many men dating online often find the profile photos of the Ukrainian brides look like as though they have walked out of a film shot. Most Russian and Ukrainian brides have their photos shoot from professional photographers.

Ukrainian brides like uploading their beautiful photographs on various dating sites and love showing them to their family and friends. Thus, these brides usually splurge money for these photographs as it not only gives them their own peace of mind, but also helps them look gorgeous and beautiful at all times.

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Best Ukrainian Dating Sites

Sexy Ukrainian Women Wearing White BikiniWhile men may have first looked to Russia to meet their Eastern beauty it was long before they started to case their idea to the ladies of the Ukraine. Women from the Ukraine are well noted for their fantastic good looks there is no shortage of long legged, blondes in this country.

Ukraine is the 2nd largest country in the European country with a population of 46 million people. There are also a sizeable number of minority groups in the country including Russians and Romanians meaning that there is a large diversity in the types of women you can meet in this country.

While a relatively modern country the citizens are overall not as wealthy as other countries in Western Europe. This means that the prospect of a relationship with a western man who can financially provide for her is an attractive proposition for many young Ukrainian women.

Also the men of the Ukraine have somewhat of a reputation for alcoholism and neglect of their wives. Western men on the other hand are viewed as more gentle and caring of their wives.

For example few Ukrainian husbands would think to take their wife out on a date but for a western man this is standard practice. It is not surprising then that Ukrainian women are looking to the internet to met a Western partner.

The best Ukraine dating sites offer the opportunity to search multiple profiles, free membership to start with, live chat, the ability to send gifts, and video capability. One of the most popular and long running sites is Elena’s Models. This site features women from Russia and the Ukraine that fit the standard definition of model good looks.

If you have ever wanted to have a model quality lady on your arm then you will want to take a look at this site. It is been in business since the 1990’s and every week has over 150 -200 new girls join its ranks. If you are looking for a safe way to meet beautiful women from the Ukraine it is a great place to get started. Where you can Find the Woman of Your Dreams

girl-from-anastasiadateIf you are looking for a foreign woman to date, marry, or even just have a good time with or be friends with, can help you find the woman of your dreams. There are women of all ages and backgrounds, from all around the world, native to Ukraine. Ukraine women are known for their intelligence and beauty, so you know you are going to have plenty of amazing women to choose from.

As soon as you get started with, you will be impressed. You can browse through the profiles of thousands of Ukrainian women, with access to chat, email, video and send instant messages. You can start chatting with women right away, or just message back and forth if you want to get to know each other this way first.

They make it easy to search through thousands of profiles, find the women you are interested in and set up a meeting or make a video chat. This popular Ukraine dating site lets you join for free and start browsing the personals immediately, so you do not have to waste any time. You can even stay connected wherever you are, whether you are flying on a business trip or only have your mobile phone to use, you can still logon and talk to women you are interested in.

If you want to get help using the site and learn how to take advantage of all the impressive features offered, you can take a tour. On the site tour, you learn more about this specialist dating and matchmaking website and how you can use it to find the woman of your dreams. They offer friendly, personalized service you can rely on and allow you to search through thousands of profiles to see the most attractive, intelligent single Ukraine women. From creating your own personal profile to adding photos, sending messages and more, they show you step by step how to get started and how to make the most of your time online. This dating site certainly stands out from the rest in more ways than one.

If you want to have access to thousands of beautiful, smart Ukraine women who are single and ready to mingle, you can trust in With more Ukraine singles than any other dating service out there, you know you can find the most single Ukraine women and give yourself the best chances of finding that one someone special. for American Singles

ukrainedateThe internet is an excellent tool with many applications, and one of these has begun being used more and more frequently by adults all over the world. Online dating isn’t exactly a novel concept, but many people focus on the dating pool in their town or immediate area. But have you thought about international online dating? Ukraine is known to have the most attractive women in the world, and the following website will help you to meet them. For a Review, read on for a thorough review of the site.

If you are an American man interested in meeting foreign women, just go to’s well-designed home page and make yourself an account. This easy and free service will immediately put you in touch with beautiful Ukranian women looking for anything from as non-committal as dating to marriage. This site, which boasts over twenty million users over the vast Cupid Media network, can connect you to thousands of Ukranian women looking casual dating, serious relationships, and even marriage.

Click on “Featured Success Stories” and check out the men and women who have found life partners through Hans writes that if it had not been for, he would never have met Maya, who “helped me to overcome the pain and sadness” of an earlier relationship.

Another success story comes from Kevin, who met Aleanora on Kevin, who lives in Florida, will soon be marrying the Kherson, Ukraine, native, and says that “We are two extremely happy people thanks to this website!” There is no accounting for taste, which is why’s specially-designed format allows you to pick and choose from people matching your interests, personality quirks, goals, and desired relationships. does more than connect compatible people from across continents and oceans. Its special development plays go-between, in a sense, for potential couples looking for love. This easy-to-use specialist dating and matchmaking website assists men and women from Ukrainian and Western backgrounds to find their perfect match. The friendly service and support staff of the website is combined with the sophisticated search and messaging functions, making your search for true love not only successful but easy, comfortable, and enjoyable. Many websites charge for basic membership privileges, but not you could meet your Maya or Aleanora for free, liberating you with more time and money to spend on your personal life and relationship, rather than steep membership fees.

Meeting a Wife-to-be Overseas: 5 Personal Travel Tips

Ukrainian Girl Crazy Looks

Are you looking for safety advice when going overseas to meet a sexy and very caring girl? Are you planning your first meeting with a girl you are dating online? Many things have been said about online dating services and overseas meetings with online dates.

Personally, I think the most important issue to consider is our own safety in this situation. Take a look to this article and you will find some things you may want to consider or re-consider when you are going overseas to meet your online girlfriend for the first time.

1. Meet in a public place

Never ever meet in a private location for the first time with someone you have only met online. Pick a chilled public place such as a coffee shop or a restaurant, where you can have a perfect environment for a conversation. You want to be able to have other people around in case something is needed.

In order to preserve your and her safety, you should both agree in meet in public. If your date insists in meeting in private start wondering why. When you get to the place, you may want to tell someone in the staff about your situation, so they will be aware and also give you better service.

2. Take your own transportation

Both of you should get to your meeting (and leave) in your own. This way, either of you can leave any time if needed. You don’t want to be picked up anywhere, and you want to be able to leave in case something goes wrong. You do not want your girl or anyone local to know the details of where you are staying yet.

Renting a car or a motorbike is a good and not too expensive option, you can arrange all this online with anticipation. Make sure you have correct information and directions on how to get there and back to your place. Avoid public transportation and use taxis. Pre-book a car.

3. Tell Someone Where You Will be

It is not safe to leave your country and go to meet someone before all the travel information had been given to someone you trust. It can be a friend or a family member, is better if two persons have all this data.

You must provide them the details about your flights, accommodation, dates, moving plans and especially details of this first meeting with this girl. Arrange someone to contact you or be contacted after you finish your meeting by phone. Also, give this person information about your girlfriend such as profile links, contact details and even a picture.

4. Don’t go alone

Ukraine Girl In Blue Sitting On A Chair

If possible avoid going alone to your first meeting. Think about hiring someone to help you with the language and moving around indications. A guide from a local tourist company is one of the better choices you may have. This person can help you with many things you probably haven’t thought of. Good tour guide are very used to making people feel better and know what they need when traveling. haven’t considered yet. First at all hang out with this person and get a local tour. It will give you a bigger picture of the city and local understanding. The fact of having someone there for you will increase your confidence and comfort level.

5. If something doesn’t feel right

You go to your meeting, and you are expecting everything to be okay. What if it doesn’t? What should you do

? You should not compromise your comfort and safety for any reason, if something looks dodgy or weird don’t stay. If you don’t feel comfortable, don’t stay any longer. There are many polite excuses to leave a date.

You went there; you did show up; you did your part and you should not feel bad. Listen to your heart and accept when to leave. That is why, it is also important to have your own transportation and a person around waiting. There is nothing like having your own cool wheels, and a driver to impress the girl you are after.

Your safety is your priority and it should not be compromised ever by anyone. If you take the decision of going to meet this girl in her own country you should consider all safety issues and be prepared. Do not forget you are not going to be on your territory. Research about the culture and politics of the country you are visiting, more information you got means more chances for everything to go right. If you don’t speak the language, put in some effort and learn at least some basic words to help you move around, and have always a pocket dictionary.

6 Tips for Finding a Ukrainian Wife Online

online ukrainian wife1. Find a Reputable Website

Read reviews and do your research before signing up for a website or giving anyone any money. There are great sites out there but there are also plenty of scams. Use a site with a proven record of success.

2. Be Realistic

Be realistic about what online dating with a foreign girl will entail. You will probably not find the girl of your dreams right away. That is OK. Talk, e-mail, Skype and do whatever else that you can to meet as many girls as possible until you find someone that you really like and care for.

You also should be realistic about your expectations of the women. There seems to be a stereotype of Eastern European women that they are all perfect, gorgeous and submissive.

They are, of course, not ALL supermodel material and, in modern culture, they are becoming more and more independent and educated. Don’t rely on stereotypes to guide you. Get to know each woman individually and be reasonable about what you expect her to look or act like.

3. Be Cautious

Always be careful about sharing personal information and never give money to someone that you do not know. Though there are many wonderful women to meet online there are also predators looking to take you for whatever you have. Don’t get overeager and become blinded by a scammer trying to get your credit card information or use you for a free ride to America.

4. Be Prepared to Spend Money

You will need to travel to meet her, get her visa and more. You will probably have to spend at least $7,000 in all. This is a big investment but if you are truly in love then it will be worth it.

Just make sure you are ready to spend that kind of money and never spend more money than you have or put yourself into massive debt. Use common sense when it comes to finances. Once again, don’t become blinded by your desire for love and marriage.

gorgeous ukarinian woman5. Be Respectful of Her Culture

You should take the time to learn about her culture and some of her language. Just as you would hope that she would embrace your beliefs, traditions and values you should do the same for her.

If she moves to America to live with you she will be sacrificing a great deal of her life. She will not be able to see her family as often as she may like and she may not be able to enjoy the foods, traditions and other things that matter to her a great deal.

It will be extremely helpful to her if she feels like you embrace and respect her culture.

6. Proposing Only When You are READY

Don’t propose unless you truly want to and you are ready. Don’t ever propose because you feel like you have to or like you should. If you travel to visit her, you may feel a certain obligation to pop the question but do not do it if you don’t really and truly feel that she is the woman for you.

Why Do Ukrainian Women and Russian Women Search for a Foreign Husband?

sexy-ukrainian-girls-wearing-two-piece-swimsuitWhy do Ukrainian women and Russian women search for a foreign husband?

It is a very simple answer; they cannot find a suitable husband in their own country.

Every year thousands of Russian and Ukrainian women marry men from the West, it has now become the popular thing to do

Here are some simple facts for men who have decided to search the Russian bride’s sites for a partner.

1. According to the 2008 census, women from Russia and Ukraine outnumber men by approx. 12 Millions.

2. A common characteristic of Ukraine women and Russian women are very family oriented and take great pride in raising a strong family, many still believe the man is the head of the household and financial provider.

3. Because of the population demographics in Russia and Ukraine it is not easy to find a good partner in their home country so they seek a Husband from overseas, often the USA or Western Europe.

4. It is not generally for economic reasons why these beautiful Russian women search overseas for a partner.

Many men would have heard about scam, and Russian dating sites that are a scam, should this worry you? Not really as you will find scammers on all dating sites, it is not just a Russian thing, you are just as likely to come across scammers on any local dating site, weather you are a man or women. Are all these international dating websites honest? Are these Russian brides for real?

russian-woman-in-a-leaopard-swimsuitUnfortunately, there are many Ukrainian scam artists, Russian scammers and dating scams on the internet. Among the hundreds of international dating websites offering to introduce Ukrainian and Russian women, not all are honest.

If you use your head and think, you are very unlikely to be affected by any scammers, let’s face one fact, if you are a sixty five year old man on a dating site and a young beautiful women who is just twenty two starts writing to you it will be pretty clear she is likely to be a scammer.

Often men have only themselves to blame when the become a victim of a scammer.

What is the best option, a dating site or a marriage agency? By far a dating site with features including online live chat, emailing and the ability to exchange contact information is the best way to go. It is easy to meet someone online and within a few months build up a good online relationship ready for a meeting in real

Best of luck in your Russian brides searches.

Tips For Winning The Heart Of a Ukrainian Bride

sexy ukrainian bikini brideMany men plan to visit Ukraine with the hope of finding a beautiful Ukrainian bride. If you happen to be one of these men who have decided to travel to the Ukraine in search of love and romance, take a look at some of these simple tips for winning the heart of Ukrainian bride listed below:

Show of Respect

Many men used to western women may find Ukrainian women quite different from their counterpart during the first meeting.  However, if you are determined to win the heart of the Ukrainian bride, always remember to show respect towards the woman.

Most Ukrainian women usually expect respect from western men because they want to be loved, protected, cherished and cared by their men.  Thus, showing a degree of respect towards them such as opening the door for the woman or helping her remove her coat at a restaurant can help you win the heart of your young and beautiful Ukrainian bride.

Have a Great Sense of Humor

Unlike any women in the world, Ukrainian women generally prefer men who can lighten her spirits and make her laugh. These women usually desire that the man in their life is serious about life, relationships and responsibilities, but at the same time manages to have a good sense of humor.

a man with a sense of humor with ukrainian girls

Thus, if you have managed to bring a smile on the face of your Ukrainian bride during the course of the day, you can be assured that you are on the right track of winning the heart of your young Ukrainian bride.

Be Honest

The fact that most Ukrainian men tend to lie and cheat on their women, Ukrainian women always prefer men who are honest and reliable. Thus, always avoid overrating yourself by telling her false particulars or facts about your job or salary. Ukrainian women usually do not want to waste time on foreign men who are liars or cheaters. Thus, being honest and open about your life at all times is important if you really want to win the heart of the Ukrainian bride.

Learn Ukrainian Language

learning ukrainian language

Learning the Ukrainian or Russian language is not an easy task. However making a little effort towards learning the language (some words or simple sentences) can go a long way in helping you to show that you are committed and are serious in making your relationship work.  To do this, you can visit bookstores or online stores that usually sell simple audio lessons that can prove to be highly beneficial in helping you learn the language in a simple and easy manner. The fact that this method can cost you a few dollars, this small investment made can go a long way in helping you win over your Ukrainian bride.

Sexy Ukrainian News Babe

seductive hot babe from ukraineName: Victoriya

Age: 27

City: Kiev, Ukraine

Agency: Elenas Models

ID#: 3516518


NOTE: If you click thru to this profile on Elena’s Models website you will find the following WARNING:

The profile of this person was removed because of unethical behavior, on complaints from other members.

This is why we here at International Love Scout are constantly saying that Elena’s Models leads the battle against Internet Dating Scammers. This kind of thing is pretty rare these days on the leading Foreign Bride sites, but you do need to watch out for suspicious behavior.

If you are worried about getting ripped off by some hot foreign babe then be sure to read our Dating Scams article for some pointers on how to avoid getting scammed.

Admit it you’ve had a crush on a TV news babe before. We all have. In fact, one of the genius moves of CNBC was the discovery that hot girls talking about puts, calls, options, and equities is really, really good for ratings and of course FOX News has carried this to a whole other level by hiring almost nothing but smoking hot women. I’m willing to watch Megyn Kelly all the time and I really don’t care what she’s talking about.

All of which brings us to Victoriya, a smoking hot Ukrainian news babe. Damn! This girl is hot! She doesn’t seem to take a bad picture either.

Anyhow, I am warning you guys this girl could be dangerous. You might think you can play, but I think Victoriya probably has a better finishing move than Brock Lesnar. I wouldn’t contact her unless you are serious, because if you ever meet her 99% of you will be putty in her hands. I know I would.

Anyhow, she writes that she is, “Purposeful, active, romantic, I dream to be a self made person and have my favorite occupation. I am very much into sports. I practice dances. I like water very much, the sea, river, yachts, boats , swimming pools. I like French music and French movies Age difference is not a problem for me. I am ready to move for my future husband country.” 

Her profile is over at Elena’s Models. Check her out!

Elena’s Models Girl

glamorous black hair womanName: Victoria

Age: 28

City: Kiev, Ukraine

Agency: Elenas Models (Read Our Review)

ID#: 9650129

My friend married a man she met on “Elena’s”

Victoria is a 28-year old Ukrainian woman who explains why she has signed up for Elena’s. She had a friend who married some lucky guy from Boise of Birmingham or Baton Rouge or wherever that she met on Elena’s Models dating site.

It is true, sometimes foreign women meet real jerks through mail order bride agencies, but the simple fact is that if you read what the girls actually write about their experiences you realize that they know what they are doing.

Victoria joined Elena’s Models because one of her friends obviously had a great experience meeting a man through the site. That story is repeated over and over when you read profiles and if you asked the question to all the ladies I am sure you would hear it again and again.

Despite what the feminists say, Ukrainian women continue to sign up for mail order bride agencies in droves because it is a better option than meeting men at home. We cover this issue in great detail in the article “Do Mail Order Brides Just Want Me for My Money?” If you haven’t read it check it out.

The fact is that most women interested in marrying a foreign man are responding to social and economic conditions in their home country. Yes, finances are one of the main concerns for these women and if you meet a woman in a coffee shop in Manhattan or a gym in Los Angeles do you think she is going to be interested in what you do for a living and how successful you are?

You better believe she will, Buddy!

Whether it is genetic or cultural women want a man who is successful to one extent or another, but successful does not mean just finances. For a woman that pledged Tri-Delt at Ole Miss successful might mean having a steady job making $90k, belonging to the Methodist church, and being a rock ribbed Republican like every man in her family.

For a beautiful fitness model from California maybe you need six pack abs, some witty jokes, and a fancy car that costs more than most guys make in a year. If that woman you met in the Manhattan coffee shop works for Goldman Sach’s she’s probably not going to be impressed unless you are hardcore type A and make a million a year.

The point is that women are looking for something and most of the women that sign-up for international dating agencies are looking for a decent guy who doesn’t drink like a fish, treats them like the women she has seen in all of the Hollywood romantic comedies she has watched (at least on his best days) and has a steady job that can pay the bills.

Now, I got distracted and did not give Victoria the coverage she deserves. She looks like a very cute woman and I bet she is smart as a whip, because she says she is fluent in English and is the “head of Department” for something to do with Ukrainian foreign relations. She is also a martial arts expert. Heck, she could be a spy for all I know.

I’m NOT saying she’s a sexy secret agent, but she is a “foreign relations expert” who is interested in martial arts.

I’m just putting the dots together – maybe not very well – but that’s my story. If you are intrigued check out Victoria’s profile over at Elena’s Models, a first rate International dating agency.

Fit and Sexy

alluring ukraine girl with flower bikini at the seaName: Alina

Age: 19

City: Odessa, Ukraine

Agency: Anastasia

ID#: 1130026


Man, Alina is so amazing that my head is almost spinning, but here at ILS we try hard to deliver what we promise. This profile is entitled “Fit and Sexy” and I think it is more than fair to say that Alina delivers on those two promises in spades.

First, she is very fit. She writes that she likes jogging, swimming, and biking, and it obviously shows. Wouldn’t you love to show up at the health club with her on your arm? The muscle-heads would probably faint.

Second, she is stunningly hot and you can see that, but believe it our not there’s even more to be said for this young lady. She wants to meet a man from twenty to sixty, which should cover almost everyone who visits this site.

Also Alina seems sweet and surprisingly mature. She writes that, I like talking to people, listening to them, getting to know them: every individual is special to my mind. I am a very sincere person and can always feel lies very distinctly. I am cheerful, positive and active too.

You can’t hope for much more than that.

Alina’s profile is over at Anastasia, which is the pretty much the headquarters for hot Eastern European women.

If you want to see more hot sports girls like Alina, be sure to check out our Fitness Dating gallery where you will find some of the most beautiful fit chicks from the four corners of the globe!

Great Legs

girl with beautiful legs riding on a speed boatName: Elena

Age: 25

City: Kiev, Ukraine

Agency: A Foreign Affair

ID#: 121510

Elena is a gorgeous 25-year-old Ukrainian woman. She speaks good English and is willing to consider men up to pretty much any age. And damn, but she looks great on that jet ski.

Wouldn’t she turn some heads down at the lake or on the beach or in the gym or the mall or a funeral: Truth is that this beautiful Russian bride is going to turn heads anywhere – any time.

She’s just a hot Russian girl! 

She has great legs and lots of other great parts from what I can see.

Wow! Is there a factory in the Ukraine producing smoking hot women? No! But there is a male dominated, hard drinking Eastern European culture that places a premium of female beauty and then treats the women so poorly that they are ready to look for decent American, Australian  Canadian, New Zealand, or European guys like you.

Elena is the perfect poster girl to explain why Eastern European mail order brides are so popular, because most normal guys just never have a shot at a girl this amazing. If you head over to A Foreign Affair you can at least make a play for this amazing woman for less than you probably spend on a decent steak dinner.

Sure, she’s going to get a lot of letters, but the cost of getting into the game is within the reach of almost everyone.

Her profile is brought to us by the good people at A Foreign Affair. Check her out!

Green Eyed Ukrainian Yoga Bride

 green eyed yoga brideName: Oksana

Age: 22

City: Kiev, Ukraine

Agency: Anastasia (Read Our Review)

ID#: 1678460

Oksana is a smart, fit Ukrainian woman who seems to have a good head on her shoulders, and, as you can see in the picture of her in her bikini, she has a a lot of other good things going on. Damn!

I always like it when the sort of average normal looking girl has the body of a stripper or in this case maybe a yoga instructor. Wow!

So, Oksana says she is a hopeless romantic and also writes that, “I am quiet and kind. I feel loyalty and compromise when it is necessary”. Those traits are important, but she goes on and writes that, “I am attractive enough to feel that I am a lady.”

Wait! Somebody needs to tell Oksana that she is more than just sort of barely passably attractive. Dude, this chick is hot AND classy, smart, and sweet! You could take her home to momma or dress her up and go to Vegas.

Well, her profile is brought to us by the good people at A Foreign Affair! Check her out!